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Fan Mail Protocol and Autograph Requests

We appreciate your desire to contact your favorite players, but due to increasing requests, the MN NHL Alumni will only be able to “forward” requests (maximum size up to 8-1/2” x 11) to the appropriate Alumni.

Please send requests to:

Minnesota NHL Alumni Association
Box 11133
Saint Paul, MN 55111-0133
ATTENTION: [Include player’s name here]

These request envelopes (maximum size up to 8-1/2” x 11) will be forwarded to the player. Each request must include a self-addressed envelope with sufficient postage plus $10.00 (USD). The $10.00 fee will be donated to the Charitable Giving Fund. Please include the name that you wish your card/photo to be personalized to.

Envelopes must be sent individually and will not be accepted unless the abovementioned has been enclosed. Envelopes not including both the pre-posted, self-addressed envelope and $10.00 will be returned to the sender.
The Minnesota NHL Alumni Association is not responsible or liable for the return of your request, you are sending at your own risk.

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